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Election Information 

With the approval from the voters of Proposal 2018-3 no reason absentee voting was passed. 
If you would like to sign up to be on a permanent absentee voter list please follow the link:  
 Michigan Voter Information Center 
Once you have signed up and it is time for an election we can take the next steps.


*You will be mailed an absentee ballot application request that will need to be filled out in full.   
Please make sure you follow all the instructions.


*Mail the form back to the Township Office at PO Box 153, Lewiston, MI  49756, Drop it office to the Clerk during Office hours or drop it in the drop box by the meeting room door at the Township Office.   


*Once we have received your completed request a ballot can be sent to you. 

Secretary of State offices now issuing REAL ID compliant licenses, ID Cards 

State of Michigan Voters Registration 

Permanent Absentee Ballot Application Request 

Military Voter Registration and Absentee Ballot Request Federal Post Card Application (FPCA)

Election Map By District

Clerk - Judy Athan 


Deputy Clerk - Laura Schrader


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